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Pearl shell inserts a nucleus technology of Yo bead key
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The Yo that insert a nucleus bead the central segment that is pearl breed aquatics, also be crucial technology. Its meaning is perform an operation on mother-of-pearl shellfish body, to Mu Bei insert inside body nucleus and carry coat film to organize flake, insert what nuclear shellfish makes be fosteringed meticulously be made thereby or accelerate pearl to form namely to Shi Shubei next. The invention principle of this technology basically is the cause of formation that is based on natural pearl, namely the coat film of mother-of-pearl shellfish falls in unusual situation, wait like sand, helminth inbreak exciting, or in because pathology affects one part skin,be immersed in connective tissue, generation is unusually proliferous, the result forms pearl bag, secrete pearl to pledge and form natural pearl. From the invention technical principle looks not complex, but technical operation difficulty is very great however. On the other hand, with respect to technical itself, not be the effect that fall in what condition or performs an operation to had had to what kind of mother-of-pearl shellfish. Additional, different mother-of-pearl shellfish inserts a nucleus to apply art to have different reaction. Because this hopes,using an off-the-peg technology that insert a nucleus at all mother-of-pearl shellfish also is not actual. Of big nacre inserting a nucleus is apparent test and verify, japan uses Gepu nacre insert a nucleus to applied art method to study 10 years full after inserting a nucleus to fail to big nacre, just capture technical difficulty, founded big nacre inserts nuclear new technology. Our country is same also, the unit such as institute of Nanhai aquatic product inserts a nucleus to big nacre the research of Yo bead also experienced setback and failure, desultory, all previous classics 10 years, just grasp the immanent physiology pattern of big nacre, founded new method of special operation and processing, breed pearl of our country large commodity first, fill our country is bred big bead blank. Should say, the technology inserting a nucleus of big nacre breeds in current pearl is more advanced in the technology. However, as a result of trade reason, each national capital is confidential to it, accordingly, basically be with Gepu nacre here exemple, introduce mother-of-pearl shellfish to insert a nucleus the method of Yo bead.

One, beforehand pre-treatment its action is to make the Mu Bei that insert a nucleus discharge essence of life to put egg, the sexual gland that perhaps weakens them develops degree; 2 it is the activity that controls them appropriately, reduce physiology function, make they are in agree with the condition that inserts a nucleus to use method. Specific means includes: 1. Restrain lay eggs after choosing the hale Mu Bei that come to discharge sperm egg in nature, increase them in time basket raise density, move to be raised to the condole end low water Wen Hai, restrain Mu Bei's vigor, prevent its germen once more development and maturity. 2. Before hasten the hatching of silkworms is inserting a nucleus to use method, if sexual gland of mother a surname begins maturity, can use below the method undertakes handling: It is promotion water is warm, accelerate or promote sperm egg maturity; 2 it is revulsive lay eggs, after laying eggs, increase Mu Bei basket to raise density appropriately again, hang down condole is in at deep water stand-by. 3. Discharge shellfish bolt buccal general classics beforehand the Mu Beiqing of pre-treatment is washed clean, face their abdomen on one next clingy a processing in condole sinks in establishing a Yu Bei basket or be being put at seawater, after spending period of time, after opening case they are anoxic and naturally, can fill in chock into two carapace inside, make its show software department, prepare to insert a nucleus next.
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