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The processing after pearl just was harvested and save
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The pearl of strong gains, because of the surface with seawater, humoral wait with contamination, if had been placed long, can make the colloid shape calcium carbonate of pearl surface is mixed organic happen character condense, pearl qualitative change is dark, be oxidized to deteriorate, influence quality. Accordingly, collect after closing, answer to undertake in time handling.

(1) general catharsis puts the pearl of results in time into delicate water to immerse, mix with toilet soap water next wipe after fresh water is abluent save. For complete scour off the odd and mucous, contamination of bead face attachment, the pearl of results, after washing via clear bath, 5'10 of bubble of usable salt leach minute, mix pearl with fine salt then (its scale is 2:1) knead brush, water of again light toilet soap and rinse for many times full, make light with towel or flannelette finally, air hind is saved.

(2) drug catharsis

The pickling of 12 mellow sulfur that the pearl with poorer ① can use content 0.15%'0.2% washs, wash with clear water next clean, after wiping, save.

② surface burnish dim or flecked pearl, can 3% chroma cross oxidation hydrogen catharsis, after be being wiped completely with clear bath next, save.

And officinal pearl, collect after closing, unfavorable chemically spends agent processing, wipe completely with clear water and saline bath only can.

All classics are handled, in the hop-pocket that the pearl after air should load clean clean, heal hind is saved in park ambry, do not place the place with lukewarm tide.

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