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Raise river mussel Yo bead the crucial step of economic benefits
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The unit that at present countrywide each district develops Yo bead to produce and individual are very much, but benefit however differ in thousands ways. Want to raise economic benefits, must from strengthen management and aggrandizement technology measure two respects begin, should from reduce investment, shorten breed cycle, increase production value fluctuation kongfu. According to the experience of a lot of generator, answer to do good work in the following respects.

  1. From mussel of numerous self-fertile operation

From mussel of numerous self-fertile operation it is economic investment cost, prevent disease to pass into, raise the significant step of survival rate of Yo bead mussel. The progenitive technology difficulty of Yo bead mussel is not great, what require equipment not complex also, cast this not big also. Wanted to Yo bead mussel need not foster the relative system that breed uses technically only, do not grow to executive operation time from breed, because this has the Yo of certain dimensions bead specialist, undertake from numerous self-fertile the efficient way that is economic expenditure, OK also of course a few specialists rise jointly get breed, before a lot of Yo bead the breed aquatics that produces failure door, many it is operation mussel relies on an other place to purchase, the suiting of because the mussel is right new environment capability is not strong, cause a constitution to drop, perhaps take ill clam person, cause a large number of death after the operation; Also some lack experience because of the line-haul to the mussel, carry back hind fails to be cured in time again, cause a constitution feeble, cause large quantities of death after the operation. ; Or although the mussel survives, pearl grows rate is extremely slow; Also have some of experience that chooses Yo bead mussel because of lack, purchase grow slow " deadlocked mussel " . Although do not die,this kind of mussel became an operation, the pearl quality that place Yo gives is very poor also, grow very slow also, rely on so from numerous self-fertile, just foster ace art mussel can purposefully, also can increase the choice margin of adversary art mussel.

   2. Breed insert line of bead hand major

There are a few unit and individual only in Yo bead production at present stabler insert team of bead hand major, more is to be recruited temporarily. Notable is the body that the salary that inserts bead hand is expenses of the cost in Yo bead production, the competence that inserts bead hand technology matters to the crop of pearl and quality directly. Of professional team build the competence that can add a skill undoubtedly, can assure to insert the economic income with bead steady hand. Right what can make sure Yo bead is produced for Yo bead generator is successional with timely sex, also can make sure Yo bead produces peak period to insert bead the overmuch defray of charge.

  3, act according to circumstance is decision-making breed dimensions
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