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Add lustre to of gem class pearl blanchs improvement engineering technology proj
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This project was used contemporary all sorts of test technologies undertook checking systematically in the round analytic research to the pearl composition of different type, announced thoroughly the form form mystery of pearl, the factor with the mechanism showing scene of pearl and underlying quality of influence pearl burnish, laid solid foundation to undertake pearl improves technology scientificly.

The draws domestic and international pearl adequately to blanch experience lesson in technology research is improved in pearl, rich is collected numerous long, principle of contemporary biology technology and method are used on the foundation of traditional improvement, according to the composition feature of pearl, the pigment that show scene, physics sends lubricious structural blemish kind. The metallic ion that shows scene partly, undertake new technology, new material experiments, use live thing especially enzymatic the medical effect stability in promote pearl to improve technology is a very good attempt and innovation, the project considers to be in the pretreatment of pearl, add lustre to, blanch, whitened the innovation that waits for each link to all reflect the advanced sex that gives material recipe and technological process.

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