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How to collect receive pearl
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(1) results time is in commonly year did not come next the beginning of the year, will come in November namely next year Feburary. High temperature season does not close commonly bead, because be in,the period pearl with high air temperature precipitates character fast, texture is soft, the matter that pearl surface often covers a white (solute of graupel stone crystallization) , burnish is dim, quality is bad. And fall in winter or microtherm condition, pearl shell secretes pearl to pledge speed is decelerated, pearl qualitative surface layer is more meticulous, smooth, burnish is better, because this is,pick the best time that receives pearl.

(2) close bead the mass that the method collects pearl to assure place, closing bead before, should the ply of layer of spot check pearl, according to international gem convention, the commodity pearl of all sorts of norms that harvest, its bead layer ply is like next standards:

Fine bead: Millimeter of bead diameter 2.6'4.9, bead layer is thick 0.3 millimeter;

Small bead: Millimeter of bead diameter 5.0'6.4, bead layer is thick 0.5 millimeter;

In bead: Millimeter of bead diameter 6.5'7.9, bead layer is thick 0.8 millimeter;

Big bead: Bead diameter 8 millimeter above, bead layer is thick 1 millimeter;

After spot check, if development bead layer is too thin, short of is trade the standard of the requirement, can lengthen Yo bead appropriately period.

Close bead method, it is to press order of around of the member that insert a nucleus to arrange undertake, receive to receive the next again, arrange this analogize. From Yo of sea mile fetch after bead shellfish, use Bei Dao to insert shellfish body from place of mouth of celiac predestined relationship inside, cut off forcibly the flesh that close case, show software ministry to thrust Yo bead bag gently with forceps or knife, take out pearl carefully from inside bag.

(3) the results quantity that harvests quantity pearl, it is commonly harvest pearl quantity to more or less express with shellfish of 10 thousand Yo bead, japanese ternary county 1974 shellfish of every 10 thousand Yo bead, pearl results quantity is highest person amount to 13 kilograms, our country Zhan Jiang 1970'1978 of some pearl farm year, the pearl of shellfish of every 10 thousand Yo bead harvests a quantity, highest person amount to 11.15 kilograms, lowest is 4.85 kilograms. Show pearl of nacre of our country Gepu breeds, already was caught up with or be close to pearl of world breed aquatics to produce the standard of advanced country.

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