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"The sea actors or actress 1 " Martens nacre strain catchs an expert reputably
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Country one of 863 plans projects " Martens nacre heredity is improved technology " the achievement appraisal that chairs by branch department of Guangzhou of Chinese Academy of Sciences was passed in Guangzhou recently. Among them, university of Hainan of the member that this project is comprised breeds " the sea actors or actress 1 " Martens nacre strain, obtain an expert to agree reputably. Its occurrence whether give infuse of dispirited with each passing day Hainan pearl aquaculture stitch " cardiac stimulant " ?

The current situation: Too big this locality breeds the risk door less and less

As home 3 big (Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan) briny pearl breeds one of areas, the pearl of Hainan breeds a condition advantaged, quality is more superior also, but the sign that shows quick atrophy however in recent years. Professor of department of aquatic product of institute of Hainan university ocean, this school " Martens nacre heredity is improved technology " Wang Aimin of project group controller expresses, countrywide seawater pearl produces per year 27 tons, but this province produces per year Hainan pearl is less than 600 jins, lag behind at Guangdong, Guangxi far. Additional, suffer kind group degrade influence, nacre mortality is taller, and smaller and smaller, difficult breed big bead. This is right bead farming for it is not little risk.

As we have learned, 90 time end, water Li An, new residential quarter takes hill to ever a lot of people breed Martens nacre, but turn in succession later row. Liu Bin shows general manager of farm of pearl of hill Shui Yizhu, raise pearl very tall to the character of nacre and requirement of the technology that insert a nucleus, periodic and longer, a lot of bead farming changed the gale of periodic brief gains such as prawn, fry to the item with little risk.

"Current, hainan seawater pearl breeds concentration to be in hill water, 3 inferior one belt, and it is company breed aquatics mostly, individual breed aquatics door very little. " Liu Bin says.

Enterprise: Other place of industry of pearl of Hainan of devoid raw material recourses

In Hainan tourism pull move below, hainan pearl industry also grows flourishingly rise, but these are being hit " Hainan " the pearl product of brand, raw material however great majority comes from Guangdong, Guangxi. "The pearl amount that Hainan this locality produces is too little, cannot satisfy company requirement, be forced provincial buy. " Zhang Shizhong of president of limited company of sea embellish jewelry says.

As we have learned, pearl demand of a year is large pearl enterprise about 10 tons, medium or small also have 2 tons or so, hainan this locality is less than 600 jins crop is only " drizzle " . But although such, this province pearl also mostly prediction of a person's luck in a given year arrives outside the island.

"Hainan pearl output is little, the large-scale pearl processing factory with fine installation does not wish to come in, what so we produce is former bead can carry undertake machining outside the island only. " Liu Bin says.
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