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Accept rice technology deduces pearl myth
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a diameter the pearl of 8 millimeter smashs, how many can every Chinese divide?

"Will calculate by 1.3 billion population, everybody can divide nearly three hundred and ninety-three thousand eight hundred. " this is one is located in De Qing county to be called Zhejiang the answer that limited company of Ou Shiman group gives out.

"Ou Shiman " be one be engaged in pearl breed aquatics, pearl act the role ofing technically tasting, pearl medicine health care tastes the enterprise that waits for product development. Gave the fresh water pearl that China breeds the first times artificially for successful be pregnant with with respect to Ceng Yin 1968 and high reputation is enjoyed in industry.

Recently, "Ou Shiman " invented a Namizhen through own innovation technology of bead pink preparation, bureau of national intellectual property already awarded his to invent patent, the accept rice pearl powder that uses this technology treatment to go out also is maintained to be product of new product of national level key, provincial and new and high technology early or late, be included national torch plan, spark to plan a project by ministry of science and technology.

It is technology of this accept rice, can a diameter the pearl of 8 millimeter smashs 512 trillion, be equivalent to every Chinese can dividing nearly three hundred and ninety-three thousand eight hundred.

In pearl deep treatment domain introduces accept rice technology

Human early discovers pearl besides can make it is elegant adorn outside tasting, still have extremely high officinal value. In " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in have such account: "Pearl, quality pleasant of cold, flavour is salty, enter heart lungs classics, the heart that have a garrison post decides Jing, clear liver divides slight corneal opacity, the effect of unripe flesh detoxify " , " pearl besmear face, good color of moist making a person. Besmear brothers, flay skin is gone against set out. Drop phlegmy. Divide a side dark. Stop discharge. Divide children Jing heat, bring soul. Stop seminal emission white chaotic. The cure that solve blain is poisonous. The cure that solve blain is poisonous..

1999, university of Ou Shiman group and Zhejiang university, Beijing chemical industry cooperates, successful development goes " pearl exceeds technology of imperceptible pink body " and " pearl is enzymatic understand engineering technology " , at that time, these are highest class decompose pearl technology.

However, use the pearl powder grain that exceeds production of technology of imperceptible pink body very big still, the skin is absorbed and repair rate is slow, absorptivity of intestines and stomach is low; Using enzymatic solution technology is to use chemical reaction to produce fast dissolve pearl powder, changed the active ingredient of pearl, biology active is reduced, quality is not stable, the accretion in decomposing a process is qualitative insufficient also environmental protection.
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