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Sex of pearl fibrous function gets attention
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Pearl fiber is collaboration of center of development of technology of new-style spinning of You Donghua university and Shanghai a kind of of joint research and development new-style fiber, it is the fiber of high-grade function sex of domestic and international initiate.

Pearl fiber is to use high-tech method fiber is joined when sticking pearl powder of accept rice class glue fiber filature inside, make there is Namizhen equably with appearance inside fiber system bead atomic. Specific form for section of bead of mother of pearl albumen function and fiber class colophony, what narrate functional mother bead to include: Pearl albumen exceeds 15%~40 of additive of fine pink body % , coupling agent 2.5%~9 % , dispersive agent 15%~25 % , carrier colophony 36%~67 % . Its produce a method is heating afore-mentioned material high speed mediate undertakes in the process, mix in all via double screw crowded piece, make functional mother bead; Section of fiber class colophony will be added after functional mother bead is dry, pass melt extruding filature, again classics aftertreatment, make namely functional synthetic fibre.

Pearl fiber contains a variety of amino acid and microelement, bases is calcium carbonate. It has the function that raises Yan Hufu, human body is wearing pearl fiber underwear, the particle of pearl accept rice on fiber and skin are contacted intimately, meeting dissolve gives the lactic acid in sweat fluid composition of nutrition of pearl of the part in fiber, be absorbed through the skin, skin of stimulative human body exceeds oxide branch to change enzymatic (SOD) active, the synthesis that restrains melanin maintains the skin Bai Xi is exquisite. In addition, because SOD is had,keep clear of the action of freedom radical, can prevent skin consenescence to wrinkle. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks: Pleasant of pearl sex cold flavour is salty, put in conscience classics 's charge, functional appearance beautiful skin, embellish skin gives birth to flesh, clear spot is decreased knit, defer consenescence; Basically use at facial fleck, Huang Heban, Shou Ban, furrow, muscle flabby, skin is coarse lack lustre, complexion is aged and acne, burn ulcer of scald, sore, cut not to close, dermatitis. Pearl grows in water, the gender is cold, have clear fire to defeat poisonous effect, underwear of fiber of long-term dress pearl can keep clear of poison of skin surface hot blain, have the dispel spot, effect that skins except blain, conserve; Accept rice pearl powder has the function that emits infra-red wave, it is ameliorable human body small loop, have sanitarian effect to human body; Pearl smashs when its when accept rice condition joins fiber, its function is strengthened greatly, have prevent ultraviolet ray, defend skin ageing action; Carrier of fibrous of accept rice pearl is fiber sticking gum, it sucks drenched gas to take comfortable, interior of the fiber after joining pearl powder and surface are distributinging equably pearl accept rice is atomic, fiber feel is smooth and cool, the exterior is bright beautiful, already pearl raises Yan Hufu effect, again moisture absorption of fiber sticking gum breathes freely, take comfortable character; Accept rice pearl powder is be machined via pure physics method by pearl of high grade fresh water and become, cellulose sticking gum is extracted by linters, because this pearl fiber does not contain the harmful material of any chemical sex products, have natural endophilicity with skin; Particle of rice of accept of the pearl in pearl fiber and fiber are united in wedlock intimately, have permanent, long-term catharsis dress won't fall off. Pearl alkali resistance is not acid-proof, alkalescent catharsis does not hurt a hair, issue particle of pearl accept rice to just can produce partial precipitate in action of acidity sweat fluid only.
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