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Jiangxi saves gem association: Buy gem to should note 5 respects
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Pig year will come, the people of a new type that is about to enter marital hall consumes the gem that take heat the market, a lot of jeweller's also roll out sales promotion activity in succession. Yesterday, jiangxi saves gem association to warn customer about the personage, buy gem not to see a discount solely, want to be measured in the round.

When Yang Ling of director of gem association office accepts a reporter to interview, Jiangxi province says, consumer buys gem headgear to should note 5 respects, it is the businessman with choice good reputation above all; It is choice brand product next; Again consumer should goods compares 3, have blind faith in a discount not blindly, consider integral price even; In addition, consumer sees him clear want to buy the label of gem and its appraisal or certificate to whether agree even, for instance, gem name, weight, quality. Ultimate consumer should ask for normal bill to the businessman, with benefit Yu Weiquan or after service.

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