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Natural pearl and 4 kinds of instruments that breed pearl are differentiated
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Natural pearl and the appraisal that breed pearl are more difficult, essentially similar of both and outside feature, sheet distinguishs very hard by naked eye observation, using instrument ancient bronze mirror to measure also is complex. At present already ray of specific gravity law, taper hole law, endoscope law, X takes a picture art and X ray fluorescence combine a law to wait, and sheet uses a kind of method to conclude harder also, among them X ray takes a picture art and law of combination of X ray fluorescence are one kind have conclusion sex detect, but appraisal cost is too high. The pearl that the individual buys, do not use this kind of method to undertake differentiating commonly. A few kinds of natural pearl that make a person believe firmly quite and the appraisal method that breed pearl introduce below.

One. Endoscope law

Endoscope law cent is Chan Jingfa and Shuang Jingfa, but the bead that relatively serious defect is a need appraisal must individual dozen wear ability to experiment.

Sheet peeps lens law

Examine the wall of perforative pearl with strong illuminant directly from pearl of a side illuminate. Light reflexes lens face through pearl wall, be gone to by reflection again in lens face glazing the microscope of focusing. If be natural pearl, observer can see a homocentric circle, reach the center of pearl all the time, and smooth brightness subsequently wear off; If be,breed pearl, the limits of homocentric circle is like is begun suddenly by mother-of-pearl nucleus, and brightness is rapid and abate.

Shuang Jingfa

What Shuang Jingfa uses is a kind of hollow needle, the extension of two sides mirror and needle direction becomes 45 ° part, each other become 90 ° part. Use this kind of method carefully almost 100 percent effective. Specific means is: Hold hollow pin in front of strong illuminant, make light crosses hollow needle to reach range of the first lens directly, arrive through reflection of this lens face on the wall of perforative pearl. If pearl breeds, light will travel along a lot of parallel layers, the housing layer that penetrates to light thin mother-of-pearl pledges all the time; If natural pearl, light crosses perforative pearl directly, illuminate to the 2nd mirror continuously, reflection arrives inside microscope. Because be in natural pearl,this is, project when light when going up to the wall of perforative pearl, travel around pearl inside the homocentric circle that pledges in mother-of-pearl solely, begin to shoot mural light by the result of total reflection.

2. Law of X ray diffraction

Natural pearl is in the illuminate of X ray, in any positions, the diffractive picture that produces has semmetry 6 times, what what appear is the stain of 6 design. Breed pearl to be in only generation of ability of a diffractive position pursues 6 times symmetrically. When this position, if turn pearl 90 ° , pursue generation 4 times symmetrically. The defect of this kind of method is the breed aquatics with mother-of-pearl qualitative big ply pearl, produce 6 figures possibly also on major way, and examine nuclear-free fresh water is raised bead when, cannot distinguish with natural pearl.
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