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Buy jewel 3 trap Fujian pushs 46 gem act the role ofing to taste be at ease inn
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Spring Festival drawing near, gem group public figure is valued generally coming " golden pig " year, 25 days, association of jade of Fujian Province treasure holds a press conference, trap of 3 kinds of consumption is released before consumptive busy season is coming, remind consumer attention.

Trap one: Gold the purity of gold or silver has moisture content

In the case that provides in association of the jade that save treasure, a Lian Jiang consumer passes friend introduction, one is bought to tag in inn of some dozen of gold for the gold necklace of 99% , detect through authoritative branch later, of this necklace contain Troy actual and only 85% .

According to saving Bao Yushi association secretary-general Wu Naizhu introduces, many inn that make gold, jewelry store and manufacturer combination rise now beguiling consumer, be like: The inn that make gold is acted the role of for the gold of 95% to the manufacturer content that order article, but the requirement is hit contain Troy to be the impress of 99% , manufacturer gives the inn that make gold 85% the following gold only in the dark adorn, affirmatory do not sell can return money freely, had manufacturer this kind " sincere letter " , the inn that make gold unlocks hands or feet bold deceit consumer. Although this action guaranteed manufacturer and the benefit of the inn that make gold, but consumer is cut kill by its.

Trap 2: Low sells gold high price to sell jade halcyon

Partial jeweller's sells gold through low, the consumer that entice buys costly jade halcyon. Because the price of gold appears palpability already completely, consumer can know the market value of gold very easily. "Gold has valence jade not to have valence " , the price of jade halcyon is very complex, its price after all how, besides professional personage, someone else is very difficult witting. Some non-standard jeweller's make full use of this a little bit, act the role of the gold in inn intentionally tasted price depress, the gold price that pays place than Shanghai gold even sometimes is low still, and consumer often can be acted the role of because of the gold in inn article the price is low, and the price that mistake is the other product such as such as jade, halcyon is certain also very low and buy, be immersed in businessman setting finally " trap " .

Trap 3: Quality makes sure sheet is non-standard

Wei Fuqing consumer bought 20 gold necklace in some shop, add up to 200 grams, but the shop is in when issueing quality to assure sheet, writing above generally only " golden necklace 200 grams " . Blessing clear consumer is in after discovering problem of product presence quality, find a store, but the goods that the shop offers with consumer and quality make sure the designation on sheet is different for, reject to assume responsibility. Because this consumer fails to provide evidence, final cannot thought fors the time being.

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