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Reason of price of pearl of square of big talk bright phearl is much
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A few days ago, come from Sichuan Mr Wang that Hainan travels tells a reporter, preparation buys bit of Hainan pearl to make a commemoration day in square of big talk bright phearl, do not have the necklace of a pearl that thinks of more than 10000 yuan to mark a price, bargain goes to hundreds of yuan to be able to be bought, is this pearl true? Why is the price so random?

Plain code marks a price not agree with solid

The reporter is dark visit discovery, in first floor of bright phearl square shop of a few jewelry, pearl necklace is plain code marks a price apparently, differ to on 10 thousand yuan from hundreds of yuan, save prices bureau by Hainan or supervise the manufacture of of bureau of price of big talk city.

The reporter comes to shop of Yue Meizhu treasure, express to want to buy necklace of a pearl, the assistant introduces very cordially, asking is the person that sends what kind of age, want what kind of class, after understanding from one is taken out to mark a price inside bar it is 12800 yuan, bead diameter 9-10mm. The assistant emphasizes this again and again is pearl of pure natural seawater, chromaticness is good, pearl layer is thick, have to human body well sanitarian action. The reporter asks: "Can you hit a few fold? " the assistant says: "A price, dozen 3 fold. " knocked a few times on the calculator, pointing to say: "4266 yuan, take out odd 66 yuan, 4200 yuan. " the reporter asks: "Is this minimum price? Still can cheap? 0.5 fold be no good all right? " the assistant says: "This price is very low, do you want in earnest? If want to be hit,fold you, ? " the member that stand in the course of study side on the side, come over to helping say: "So good pearl necklace, fold you not to want? This is the cheapest. " two assistants see the reporter is dissatisfactory to the price when wanting to leave, those who stand by that says: "A price 800 yuan, you want to be about, or else wants us to also do not have method. " the reporter asks: "Does quality have assure? Have relevant letter? " the assistant says: "Quality you are at ease, false one compensate 10, we have so much product, which can go every attestation. " reporter excuse understands first, went away.

Lucky jewelry shop, mark a price 13000 yuan, the diameter is 11-12MM pearl necklace, the assistant says lowest can be hit fold. The pearl necklace lowest of Pan jewelry shop can be hit 2 fold, necklace of pearl of entrance southern Asia marks a price 30 thousand multivariate, lowest can be hit 2.5 fold, can produce relevant letter.

Big talk is industrial and commercial: Mark a price phonily should father check

On April 24, in the light of partial pearl businessman plain code marks a price disloyal problem, big talk city is beautiful orchid section chief of Zhan of branch of mart of industrial and commercial substation tells a reporter, the businessman is false indicative price, with low rebate sales promotion, this is serious and con consumer, of disturbed market order tortious, to this kind of behavior, door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry and prices branch discovery father together check one case, absolutely not appeasement. Express, in 51 before, have big range check to this kind of behavior general, purify the market, return consumer harmony shopping environment. Zhan section chief says to the reporter finally, if discover the businessman marks a price phonily behavior, can unplug dozen 12135 undertake complaining.
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