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Disappear of power sea city assist remind: Be careful headgear is machined " 4 b
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Yesterday afternoon, the lady at the beginning of the citizen is mirrorred to party newspaper hot line, she is in the urban district when a headgear machines small mill to repair golden necklace, mill advocate take the advantage of her carelessly, secretly bite off a gold, fortunately she discovers in time, did not let mill advocate touched petty gain.

The lady says first, that day morning, she is taking herself to break the bullion necklace of two cut to machine a dot to repair to this headgear, after the size that estimates necklace, mill advocate with little weight necklace two fracture surface are knocked thin hind, undertake soldering in the drawer of bar. Because bar is very tall, the lady loses sight of mill first advocate how to operate. Suddenly, one rupture slightly sound is transmitted from bar, the lady feels instantly first have among them " feline be bored with " , walk into bar quickly to look carefully at, original, be knocked on him necklace small part by mill advocate broke. Face first of the lady interrogatory, mill advocate be rendered speechless, be forced to be in first of the lady " supervise " below necklace rehabilitate.

Be aimed at the condition that the lady reflects first, the reporter referred city pass the time in a leisurely way assist concerned staff member. This staff member tells a reporter, often happen in headgear treatment small mill " steal gold " phenomenon, mill advocate undertake to headgear through the following method commonly " thin body " , seek ill-gotten wealth. It is in the make an issue of on balance. Golden jewelry of the client is original 5 grams, put to trebuchet to said to become 4 grams however, cast headgear in the mould of 4 grams again next, redundant by from the mould cut goes; Perhaps use two weight, heavy weight is used when saying before treatment, light weight used on a balance was changed when after stealing gold likewise, saying again. 2 be " the pan in water " . The client wants the bilge on jewelry of take out gold, in wanting to put the hydrochloric acid solution with low density only can, mill advocate use however " aqua regia " , gold of the part in cleaning dissolve was in " aqua regia " in. 3 be " perpetrate a fraud " . Casting catenary of hand of golden bracelet, gold to wait adorn in tasting a process, going secretly partial gold while, the casting on headgear some copper in order to carry weight. 4 be gold is stolen on the mould. There is alveolus on mould and ax, bullion of the part in making can be enchased among them and by spirit away.

This staff member warns broad customer, when consumer is machining headgear, should go the place with big better reputation of a few dimensions. Best before treatment the exact weight that can understand him headgear, treatment hind goes even in time other department again metage. When cleaning headgear, if encounter,give out in solution pungent sexual odour, it is likely very " aqua regia " , want at this moment more careful. (Zhang Ke if really Wang Wenjiang)

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