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How to differentiate coloring black pearl
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This can say is market rule: Grey  holds? of  of the first month of phenolic have diarrhoea of childish the Tang Dynasty to appear necessarily its faker. Hei Zhenzhu is not exceptional also. We see " of Hei Zhenzhu of so called " not hard in jeweller, nevertheless some businessmen forgot to add " to catch " word before " black " . The pearl that asks these black when you is true when, unscrupulous merchant is OK rodomontade ground joker replies: Difficult  of dainty admire adept is crazy? washing with watercolors is pretty good, it is to use true seawater or fresh water to breed bead coloring and into, but he should tell you bead passed treatment colored course, resemble those who sell halcyon should telling to whether pass the B that optimizes processing, c goods is same. Of course, do not tell you this does not sin in China. But the main source in Hei Zhenzhu---Big brook ground (Tahiti, call Daxidi) again, if the businessman sells coloring pearl, the get one's own back that he gets is imprisoned namely!

Pearl colored is commonly used method nothing more than a few kinds:

  silver-colored salt is handled----Put pearl into nitric acid salt and rare ammonia solution to immerse, it is next in strong light or vulcanization hydrogen gas reductive, make the color of pearl becomes black.
Irradiation of   ray----Put pearl in cobaltic source gamma to ray issues illuminate and become black.

  uses coloring bead nucleus----bead nucleus like that black hind ability is embedded in pearl shell, after pearl is formed, the pearl that the bead nucleus of that black makes the surface is translucent looks character blacken color.

Face of besmear of   film----a very thin black colloid besmear is in the surface of pearl.
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