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Of gem jade differentiate
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1. colorimetric lustre

Colour and lustre is the chief factor with gem beautiful headgear. Difference of colour and lustre of true bogus gem is more apparent, natural gem colour and lustre is natural, artificial complex is lapidary often colour and lustre is decorated overly, not quite natural. Natural sapphirine is the biggest needing a place is color not all, and synthetic sapphirine is color even; If man-made halcyon often is thick emerald green deep green, green beyond the mark, color is factitious.

2. To be being spent completely

Be spent completely even if point to lapidary diaphaneity and clean to be spent completely. With enlarge LO the magnifier of times observes gem has flawless, flaw, nick to wait. The blemish in synthesizing gem commonly is less, in-house and clean. Spend completely through be opposite, be helpful for differentiating the true bogus of gem.

3. Look consider

Improve the technology that machines gem namely. To gem cut and polishing quality discern, also conduce to the true bogus that identifies gem. Because natural gem considers treatment hind, the surface is more bright and clean, refractive index is strong, line of edges and corners holds out draw together; And after artificial complex gem considers often line edge is wide and the circle is blunt. Of same size natural taste really look should compare artificial product delicate, tangent plane edges and corners is made the same score together and symmetrical.

4. Card weighs a law

The gem that blocking serious way is pair of identical bulk is weighed through saying and discern a kind of method of true bogus. If use the gem of wear of carve of man-made zirconia crystal, appearance and diamond similar, it is diamond optimal substitute. Diamond and diamond put the holiday that has considered to identify true and false very hard together, if weigh the diamond of identical bulk and zircon to weigh at the same time, the person that deal is weighed is diamond namely, light person for zircon. Same, say to pearl school, the person that weigh is natural pearl namely, light person humanness labour is raised bead.

5. The lamp is illuminated identify a way

Put the gem jewelry that is about to buy in the examination below the desk lamp that has a cover, put down chimney to make the light does not shoot eyeball of pleasant to see directly, overspread gem park lamp the brim next, can make be in partly firstly in the open, the half is in shadow, the half in in the open can pass the light to come out illuminate of its interior flaw. Or else breaks the angle of ground commutation gem, can make its blemish is exposed entirely.

6. Hardness identifies a way

Hardness is the level with every gem solid quality of a material. To gem hardness cent is 10 grade on international.
Steatitic: Hardness 1     is feldspathic: Hardness 6
Gesso: Quartz of   of   of   of hardness 2: Hardness 7
Calcite: Hardness 3   topaz: Hardness 8
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