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Gem is collected how to prevent a holiday
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Gem is luxury be regardinged as by people protects what the value tastes even all along " delicacy " , the person that collect consequently is numerous, but the author investigates discovery, entice in sudden huge profits below, gem creates false vacuum tremendous, build false passport to emerge in endlessly. The information that comes from Chinese consumer society shows, at present about gem complain a case to show increase a current, many " delicacy " it is worthless counterfeit only actually. The expert reminds, at present the gem on the world has 300 kinds or so, among them it is almost OK perhaps that 9 have similar gem into above the mimic of mix the false with the genuine.

   Market research:

Gem unexpectedly but counter-bid arrives to be folded

The author was in Guangzhou recently the jewelry shop of a few large shopping rooms sees, gem price difference is notable, and folding length is hit to spend after an argy-bargy tremendous, let a person can't help suspecting its real value. The author took a fancy to to mark a price 3160 yuan Burmese halcyon bracelet, pass argy-bargy one time, hit finally 3 fold, want 948 yuan only. Indicate for same a diamond that spends completely, the price of different brand or stall differs to be able to amount to thousands of yuan unexpectedly. And in big public house and each business street, each jade bar is being hanged 2 fold, the billboard that folds.


Gem makes a holiday very general

One is engaged in gem approving the trader with hair old business to tell the author, gem price is optional the catholicity that sexual backside is the behavior that make a holiday. Quality of national jewelry jade is supervised examine the center says to the author about the expert, unless be the treasure jade expert that has experience, average consumer sees very hard by naked eye " natural " with " artificial " distinction. There is a large number of emulation on the market at present sexual pole is modelled on by force pearl, coloring pearl, and with cheap the high-grade halcyon that gem of jade, man-made pretends to be, diamond, still have many using glasswork and go all out add up to stone to wait be modelled on all sorts of false gem that go out.

Some city industrial and commercial bureau is right a few days ago the gold jewelry headgear of current domain undertook quality monitor. Monitor this involve precious metal in all (include gold, platinic Jin Heyin) , diamond, Bao Yushi add up to 248 commodity, via detecting percent of pass has 79 only. 4 % . This second monitors circumstance discovery, market of commodity of jewelry of current domain gold appears " two tall two low " phenomenon: It is precious metal kind percent of pass is taller, diamond, Bao Yushi kind percent of pass is inferior. 2 it is to specialize in inn percent of pass taller, supermarket, big sell what open in field " the inn in inn " percent of pass is inferior. 7 supermarkets that are monitored this, big sell only Home 1 is monitored in field commodity is all and eligible.
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