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Choose perfect marriage give up 4 big principles
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Marriage of choose and buy plunges drop is a very prudent thing. You will pay brushstroke for a small ring not small amount. Whether it is done with glass, or it is imperfect, will you are cared. So, what should you understand after all before the choose and buy plunges drop? We will introduce fashion of a few choose and buys for you below, in order to make you can make right choice.

From why proceed with

With the choose and buy a few otherer valuable is same, you are answering to get pertinent information more as far as possible. Good in understanding before getting, we had better decide to be bought over first. You are OK to the situation that has bought the good friend that gets ring or kin to understand a few this aspects first recently. If there is those who be engaged in gem appraisal in your friend, that can give you a few good commendation more. If do not have, you also can go a larger golden store, the expert to undertakes advisory.

Spend how many money

Diamond craft is preserving traditional design from beginning to end, it won't devalue, attract customer with this. Anyhow, the pay that they can suggest you use two months will buy plunge drop. Need not worry, although your salary is not high, you still can find the ring that suits you to consume ability over jeweller. Remember, this is the amount with not small brushstroke, your disbursement ability is decided by yourself. The likelihood sounds very foolish, if you think good with price will buy,plunge drop, that has to choose appropriate season. Normally, be in festival or it is period of peak of give sb a present likelihood the price will be a few more expensive, but can drop again January, doing not have a person to say to get this clear is why.

Choose a principle

Diamond chooses have " 4 C " principle: Cut (Cut) , colour and lustre (Color) , pure degree (Clarity) and carat (Carat Weight) . This is the key that differentiates diamond quality and value.


Cut is among them only factitious factor. A skilled diamond cut division can make get ore well to glow together, he can make in-house ray reflexes diamond surface to the greastest extent. Cut division wants its cut to must as if as the left and right sides in look in the mirror kind of semmetry.

Get ore well together because the technology of cut division is insufficient and the likelihood is bedraggled. The diamond of ideal of a cut should show a circle, and have 58 clear cut sides, it can be the biggest degree reflexes a ray. A high grade diamond is having very high value, reflection sex is strong and symmetrical, but its cut not very perfect. The jewel with inferior cut is potential because want to withhold its the greatest weight and too deep or cut is too shallow, cannot make its glorious all is put consequently. Polishing technology also will affect the quality of diamond, a cut is perfect, symmetrical diamond the likelihood because polishing is bad and reduce value.
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