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The design of pearl earring
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Because pearl is lucky, beauty and chasteness, nobility indicative, the earplug that makes with pearl so, eardrop more the favour that gets domestic and international broad woman.

The design of pearl earring basically has:

Traditional: The modelling of this kind of product basically is the mode according to the tradition, just undertook in certain place a few improve reach perfect, or it is in select material the respect differs somewhat. The structure of the product has a schematic, type that insert a needle two bells, in basically suiting, senile consumer adorns.

Contemporary model: The design of this kind of product is undertake improvement on the foundation in traditional pattern, or firm appearance of grain of a few traditional interconnected system undertakes hyperbole is out of shape, it cast off traditional pattern manacle, do sth unconventional or unorthodox, so this kind of product pole gets the reception of young female. In recent years, go after to headgear according to people " new " , " special " , " strange " psychology, develop a bead shellfish product that is widely divergent with traditional product, model is original, there is not lasting appeal one time when adorning, the type of contemporary product is various, configuration each different: Will divide from the structure, have insert a needle model, screw, bedspring and build pat model; On design circle having sheet is mixed swing a circle; There are the modelling of the content that change a value such as form of form of cirque form, dot form, circle, quadrate, strip, triangle, irregular geometry, flower and asymmetry type on modelling, change with eardrop style especially myriad, too numerous to mention one by one. But the distinctive glamour that should show eardrop to have truly, when adorning, need to stress skill, its essence depends on atmosphere of proper ground and individual temperament, hairstyle, attire, body, surroundings organic union, one integrated mass, get the ornament result of full of humour and wit. Hydrogen concerns report, when the emerge in large numbers of paragraph dangler, brought pair of traditional earring structures adorn dangler is worn to always want to wear an alveolus on earlobe on bold innovation of the method, tradition, cross the small injection of dangler backside alveolus again and secure decorations, new earring structure is the one aspect of the matter dangler is picked up however inside auricle, admire of other one aspect of the matter has magnetite, after nature of modelling of pleasing to the ear annulus circles earlobe to kiss friend, the photograph of one aspect of the matter inside magnet relying on magnetism and auricle sucks fixed ear not. This is transformed ably, make female sufferring the United States relieves the pain that suffers flesh not only, and the integral aesthetic feeling that added the decorations on ear.

Before earring of choose and buy, consider you yourself to whether be hit above all have earhole, if have what should choose to buckle type or wear type construction; If not have, that has to choose screw model or the product of bedspring structure. The product that notes an alternative even additionally and facial form close suitably; Again serious check looks up a product to match and make the respect such as the technology have the place that does not have inadequacy in integral modelling, gem.
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