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Guangzhou man-made headgear
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Guangzhou man-made headgear tasted exhibition 2007

Exhibit date: In August 2007 21-23 day
Show an assembly room: Guangzhou city sheds beautiful Lu Jinhan to exhibit a center (Guangzhou city sheds beautiful route)
Sponsor an unit: Guangzhou city Xing Hui commerce shows limited company

Postpone meeting brief introduction:

Market of Chinese gem headgear passes a few years of short time, already took the whole world only by before a few years 1 % jumps house world front row, be next to the United States and Japan. Make clear according to the data, nearly two years the Chinese builds year of sale of headgear market to all exceed 100 billion yuan, already became the main consumption state of headgear. China also is the manufacturing base of headgear at the same time, be like city of Wu of Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hubei, Zhejiang all and, Jiangsu the East China Sea, especially Guangdong, already became one of trade centre of the gem headgear with the greatest whole world, headgear year sale will exceed 20 billion dollar. Guangzhou is the main trade centre of the man-made headgear of Hua Na area, bordered Shenzhen, time Yu, flower is mixed from the gem headgear that changing is home significant production base, also be the professional headgear terminal market with southeast Asia the biggest area, annual sale is amounted to 40 to 5 billion yuan of RMBs. Through in last few years rapid development, guangzhou shows already the assemble evens more 3000 headgear trafficker that come from countrywide each district; Widen to can allow more companies sale channel, those who advance a technology is newer, know the information with newest market, hold in Guangzhou " man-made headgear major is exhibited meeting " already was the enthusiastic requirement inside jewelry industry, the headgear trade that conducts a cost-effective, high quality scales successfully extends the collective wish that can be both sides of the supply and demand inside the industry. Since 1998, be dedicated to be organization of domestic and international professional manufacturer to hold cost-effective commerce to negotiate all the time exhibit the Guangzhou Xing Hui of the meeting to show a company, hold in the success light industrial the product exhibits the foundation that meets ten years to go up, should the strong demand of the market and jewelry manufacturer, use the advantageous situation of Guangzhou, on August 2007 21-23 day sheds beautiful Lu Jinhan to exhibit a center to hold in Guangzhou [2007] of exhibition of Guangzhou man-made headgear, here, we invite sincerely domestic and international major to produce business or agent to attend current exhibit meeting, develop the market of man-made headgear of China together.
Limits of item on display:
·1, fashionable gem headgear includes: Emulation man-made is lapidary headgear, aureate reach silver-gilt headgear, man-made getting to act the role of, headgear of decorations of headgear of enamel, pearl, conch, pure silver-colored headgear, crystal headgear, coloured glaze craft, puncture act the role ofing, other fad deserves to act the role of etc; · 2, popularity act the role ofing tastes seasonable  fittings to include: Fashionable watch, sunglass, of all kinds hair is acted the role of, things of needle of chapter of pectoral, admire, front of a garment and button, fashionable vanity and box bag, sweet atmosphere, cravat, scarf and amice, fashionable chatelaine, vogue is hanged, mobile phone act the role ofing is tasted, glove kind product, cap kind product; · 3, other: Display trade of design of prop and treatment of the things that wrap  complementary makings and fittings, headgear and technology, headgear, electron and achievement of concerned media, concerned mass organizations and labour union, science and technology to wait. · 4, equipment of form a complete set: Headgear of facilities of gem headgear production and tool, gem detects reach magnanimity instrument, pack, material of instrument of prop, special lighting, adornment.