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The 7th 2008 China (Qingdao) exhibition of international gem headgear
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2008The 7th China (Qingdao) exhibition of international gem headgear Time: In June 2008 6 - 9 days Place: Qingdao international exhibition center

Sponsor an unit: Asian classics trade develops stimulative center Shandong saves chamber of commerce of industry of jewelry of business association bullion Shandong saves guild of gem jade headgear Guild of headgear of jewelry of Shenzhen city gold International can exhibit Qingdao sea name limited company Undertake unit: International can exhibit Qingdao sea name limited company Abroad assist do: Hong Kong east harbor international can exhibit limited company

Vast market space UChina becomes jewelry of gold of world first platinum 4 years to consume big country continuously, the whole world consumes gross53%, expenditure exceeds30100 million dollars. UChina is the Asia's biggest halcyon market, also will be the emerald spending market with prospective the biggest whole world. UChina is the fresh water pearl with the greatest whole world yields country, occupy global gross95%Or so. UShandong has numerous natural resource and geographical advantage, "Chinese gold " action is far, " the countryside of Chinese sapphirine " the Chang Le, Linyi that teems with diamond, gem city and trade center: Small commodities of Qingdao Sino-South Korean handicraft of city, Qingdao gem of treasures of international of city of jewelry of far gold of city, China lapidary city, action, power sea trades market of jade of smooth treasure of center, Jinan bead UQingdao is base of treatment of Chinese diamond industry, still have1000The emulation headgear that more than Korea invests machines base. Qingdao has built the precious metal with Chinese the biggest north to machine garden, make precious metal treatment is formed " south have Shenzhen sanded talent, north has Qingdao free tax zone " . UMake an appointment Beijing, hoist the sails Qingdao, qingdao is2008Year of Olympic Games sailing hold the ground, it is a city that consumes recognizant lead, rely on the Chinese jewelry line of business that expands flourishingly, have the aid of2008The Olympic Games (Ao Fan surpasses Qingdao) superexcellent good luck shows company image to the world! Summit summit grand meeting Window attention UDimensions: Held successfully already up to now6, it is afterwards Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, The 4th big gem of Chinese is exhibited; UAuthoritative: Organization of orgnaization of guild, government, trade reachs national level the wide attention of academic orgnaization, demand market is absolutely impossible
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