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Exhibition of headgear of gem of 2008 Tianjin international
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Time: 11-14 day ground nodded in April 2008: Tianjin international exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: Tianjin city gold is acted the role of taste association
Association of jade of Tianjin city treasure
Undertake unit: This world of Tianjin look forward to shows service limited company

Market background
China already made the world 4 years continuously jewelry of the first platinic gold consumes big country, occupy the whole world to consume the 53 % of gross, expenditure already exceeded 3 billion dollar now; Also be the 4th big gold of world consumes a country at the same time, it is the whole world more jewelry of gold of the 3rd pieplant consumes the market. Chinese gold output achieved historical record high 2005, grow 3 % than first half of the year; Diamond entrance was compared first half of the year 2005 the corresponding period grew 17.5 % last year, it is the 2nd big diamond of world machines country and jewelry of the 5th big diamond to consume a country, also be an Asia market of jewelry of the 2nd big diamond; China also is treatment of the biggest jade on the world, halcyon and consumptive country, pearl crop is the 95 % above that holds world pearl total output more, year consumption also occupies world front row.
Of the development as socioeconomy and people living standard rise stage by stage, gem headgear gets increasingly consumer people favour, tianjin regards annulus Bohai Sea as the economy of the area and mart, the economic business that the China after delta of delta of afterwards Pearl River, the Yangtse River starts anew again is encircled, have traffic, information, travel to wait a lot of advantaged advantage, it is the contends for surely ground that domestic and international travelling merchant extends Chinese northward market. This second exhibit meeting, the delegate of the broad customer that we will invite Tianjin and circumjacent area extensively and agency and foreign trade company attends a meeting undertake the choose and buy is mixed negotiate, make both sides of product supply and demand meets directly. Current exhibit can return will be sea of business of domestic company international chasing the deer-fight for the throne to offer a rare chance, presence of personage of greeting all circles looks around.

Program arrangement
On April 9, 2008, 10 days (9: 00, 17: 00) report for duty, cloth is exhibited
On April 11, 2008 morning 9: 00 opening ceremonies
On April 11, 2008, 14 days (9: 30, 16: 30) travelling merchant commerce negotiates
Remove on April 14, 2008 afternoon exhibit

Show content
Diamond reachs gem: Gem of diamond, ruby, sapphirine, half gem, emerald, man-made;
Gem headgear: Gold jewelry, silver jewelry, platinic gold jewelry, palladium gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, lapidary headgear, enchase headgear, emulation headgear, aureate headgear, pearl headgear, emerald jade headgear to wait;
Gold goods: Watch of metal bar, gold coin, gold foil, gold and other gold " goods;
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