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Headgear of gem of international of chief of a tribe of couplet of the 16th A, h
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Time: In November 2008Place: New international exhibits Abuzabi centerThe price: The standard exhibits a 9 square metre, 450 dollars / square metre, include to exhibit board, lintel of carpet, company board, power source and illume, table and chair. Cost signing up 2000 yuan / company. Item on display: L gem: Stone of diamond, ruby, sapphirine, agate, emerald, aquamarine, halcyon, Ou Bo, Tansangshi, jade, crystal, amber, zircon, coral, cat eye, turquoise, Alexander, Palayiba greens jade royal seal, . L pearl: Fresh water / pearl of briny pearl, Japan pearl, southern Asia pearl, big brook ground, Ma Baizhu, breed pearl, man-made pearl. L headgear: Work of diamond jewelry, platinic gold jewelry, silver jewelry, pearl headgear, gold jewelry, archaize headgear, jade headgear, K platinum jewelry, curiosa headgear, stylist, precious metal reachs semi-manufactured goods. L is horological: The brand is horological, horological finished product, gem is horological. Equipment of L form a complete set: Headgear of tool of gem headgear production, gem detects reach magnanimity instrument, pack, material of instrument of prop, special lighting, adornment. 2007Year exhibition reviewing: Ginseng postpone business: 124 companies, come from chief of a tribe of couplet of Singapore, Lebanon, A, Turkey, sand the country such as special, Kuwait, India, Brazil, China, Italy, Korea, Malaysia; Audience: Commerce audience 11184 people, come from the professional personage of 43 countries and trafficker. A couplet chief of a tribe is one of countries with most commerce of the gold on the world, import gold every year many tons 500, divide native consumption, return transit to reach middle east area other each country. Enlighten do obeisance to gold and jewelry trade organization) the president holds Dibaizhu concurrently Tawhid Abdullah of president of treasure company DAMAS expresses, to 2010, total value of high-grade product market will amount to middle east area 1, 0 dollar, among them 8 billion dollar will come from advanced and horological reach gem. 2006, the high-grade and horological sale of A couplet chief of a tribe amounts to 500 million dollar about, in future 4 years, annual sale is 1 billion dollar about. Chief of a tribe of the couplet that occupy A is industrial and commercial the figure that always meets shows, diamond trade total value was 6.86 billion dollar 2005, relatively raise rose 2004 72% . Have even more the gold of A couplet chief of a tribe of 700 members and jewelry trade organization express, current, amount to 95% tourists to be able to be in linger gold and jewel are bought during A couplet chief of a tribe. CEO RosyBlueFZE SanjayDalmia says, this company establishs point of sales directly in about 15 countries, the whole world sold total value to be 1.7 billion dollar 2005, among them 200 million dollar comes from country of member of thalassic collaboration committee, 4, 0 dollar comes from A couplet chief of a tribe. Division agency announces the Dibaide of world gold association, 2006 turnover of gold of whole world of the 3rd season relatively the corresponding period rose 2005 41% , couplet of A of the corresponding period still gold market also is added by 381 million dollar to 545 million dollar. 2002, of middle east gem, headgear always sell the forehead to be 1 billion euro, among them A couplet chief of a tribe (enlighten do obeisance to) occupy 60% , be on middle east first of 16 countries. Among them Hong Kong and the gem that the ground exports to middle east inside China, headgear relatively on year grew 19% , and Chinese inland enterprise more the gem with become this area the most important, headgear supplies origin. 2003, the forehead of merchandise foreign trade of A couplet chief of a tribe and China already achieved 5.8 billion beautiful circle. Middle east buys what the home follows other area to buy the home to differ, they meet a large number of purchasing every year, what buy a product every interpose 200 to 10, 000 dollars differ. Youth of middle east area the mouth is numerous, and growth of several years of economy is rapid in the past, drive income to increase ceaselessly. Middle east getting acted the role of sale to break through 2 billion dollar last year, a couplet chief of a tribe seeks hegemony Arabia is retail the market, it is middle east portal, the position is predominant, because this becomes global diamond trade centre conditionally. The gem that headgear of gem of international of A couplet chief of a tribe, horological exhibition attracted many holding the balance and rare and horological manufacturer and cent sell business ginseng to exhibit, include the local well-known trademark such as Istana, Damas, Dhamani, AlAnwar, SalemAlShueibi and Samra and international famous brand, the RosyBlue that is like Antwerp, Europearls, Chantila, Aspeco, Eros. Series of many gem headgear appears in on exhibition first degrees, if Istana is in,the DubaiDiamondCut of the retail series that the HenryDunay that middle east rolls out, RosyBlue rolls out in middle east, Dhamani gets the attractive ChocolatePearls that acts the role of series, Escada newest series, EuroPearls, this is exhibited already can become enterprise of world each district and trafficker to march the commerce platform of market of middle east of 200 billion U.S. dollor. 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