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Exhibition of headgear of jewelry of fashion of international of the 8th France
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Time: In September 2008Place: Center of French Paris exhibitionThe price: The standard exhibits a 9 square metre, include to exhibit board, lintel of carpet, company board, power source and illume, table and chair, reveal low ark, reveal tall ark (inside have 3 glass shelf) . Cost signing up 2000 yuan. Item on display: LBullion gem, fashionable dress expresses: Bullion goods, plating bullion goods, metal act the role ofing is tasted, fashionable dress watch, amber, pearl / water pearl, diamond, ruby, sapphirine, agate, emerald, aquamarine, halcyon, Ou Bo, Tansangshi, jade, crystal, amber. LCostume jewelry: Dress finery jewelry, men's gem. LVogue act the role ofing tastes: Flavor act the role ofing is tasted, chatelaine, cap, fan, babushka, glove, glasses, tire, carry bag. LThings of form a complete set: Casket, safe, headgear is packed, tool of custom-built treatment business, treatment, gem shows gem jewelry stage and things. France, serve as vogue degree, doubt of positional need not is led in the world of fashionable domain. Exhibition of headgear of jewelry of French international fashion is Europe's most important style kind gem headgear is acted the role of taste exhibition, hold every year in Paris. On the exhibition 2007, the company that shares 505 to come from 30 countries such as middle east of European United States showed a product, joined the amount that postpone business to increase than previous term or session 5.6% ; Exhibition area achieved 17000 square metre, and established trends first on exhibition show a region, the work that shares 26 stylist got revealing. Exhibition of 4 days attracted by a definite date to come from 11000 professional trade public figures of 102 countries, audience amount increased than exhibition of previous term or session 2.43% , the audience amount of the foreign home that comes from France among them was held 32.5% , it is Italy, Belgium, Spain, England, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Holand, United States, Greek respectively, the audience that comes from South-American country had increase significantly, increased than previous term or session 18.7% , the audience that comes from North Africa increased than previous term or session 15.8% , the audience that comes from Japan increased 10% ; In European country, the audience amount that comes from Spain increased 3.6% , came from Dutch to increase 35% , consolidated this exhibition is in Europe further fashionable kind of gem headgear the bibcock position in acting the role of moral course of study. In European market popular fashion is acted the role of in tasting, have quite the amount is to be in China, through coming the means of improvement trade reachs kind. And the processing technique with Chinese good manufacturer, also tasted treatment quality to lay solid foundation to act the role of. Contact a method: Convenient impression business affairs (Beijing) contact of limited company: Plum greatly gentleman phone: 010-65025430 65857096 fax: 010-65857096E-mail:iNfo@today-expo.com
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