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Wide December 2008 meet meeting time
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Ginseng exhibit attract the kongfu that buy the home to be in exhibit besides the meeting
To Chinese production enterprise, in exhibit the oneself product on the meeting to be recommended directly buy the home, this kind of fashion is current more and more the important way that makes develop postpone export business. But emerge in endlessly in recent years, the exhibition of the good and bad are intermingled also lets exporter people some have too many visitors or business to deal with. "I almost every month can receive several ginseng to exhibit invite. "Shanghai answer China Gao Hong blames the general manager that protects company of divine power source say.
Because this is in this year the beginning of the year, business of this accumulator production is being done when exhibiting meeting budget, gao Hong asks his subordinate wants to be compressed as far as possible attend extend the time of the meeting. He feels " most after the event looks the effect is not ideal " . Still have the Li Yue that responsible in company of Nanjing panda television overseas business extends with what he has similar feeling, he expresses: "Enter the arrangement that extends a manufacturer now more miscellaneous also, go against us to build major to sell domestic image. Go against us to build major to sell domestic image..
Nevertheless, these two firms join in the decision the international electron spare parts of portion Shanghai was reached in October 2003 overall Fair (China Sourcing Fair, abbreviation CSF) when, did not show overmuch hesitation. Reason is the work that sponsors square round-the-world resource to invite the respect that buy the home to do in " very meticulous " . It is reported has more than 15000 when come from 106 countries and area to bought the home to enter this exhibition; The market feedback news that additionally export business also is awaiting to be able to get more follow-up from inside the identity of middleman of round-the-world resource commerce.
After exhibiting meeting end, answer China the matters concerned offerring money that protective god has begun to be the same as those who come from the many countries such as England, Singapore, India to buy the home to exchange views the 2nd year. Gao Hong shares his experience to say at this point, it is very important to choose those who fit this business to exhibit, all sorts of connection that at the same time even specific aim ground does good ginseng to exhibit around work.

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