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Exposition of consumable of autumn of 2008 Germany Frankfurt
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Exposition of consumable of autumn of 2008 Germany Frankfurt

[extend meeting time] on July 4, 2008 - 08 days
[exhibit meeting address] Frankfurt exhibits a center
[sponsor an unit] Frankfurt shows a company
[postpone meeting brief introduction]
One, theme of 4 great lives: Fashionable Modern
Passionate Emotion
Happy Joy
Practical Function
2, showpiece content
•Mensal, kitchen utensils and appliances and family expenses taste: Appliance of glass, china, pottery and porcelain, metalware, cooking, eat dish reach all sorts of boiler, small-sized electric equipment, carbonado earth up cleanness of household utensils, family expenses shop of accessory of trend of equipment and household utensils, kitchen utensils and appliances, kitchen utensils and appliances and textile, cate.
•Gift: Leather of gift series, stationery, skin, game, handicraft and handicraft are tasted, smoking set, picture, candle, make reach collected limit product of edition gift, manual sculpture, former achieve popularity and gift, seasonal adornment, contemporary handicraft, dress, .
•Interior decoration art: Textile of accessory of mirror of accessory of furniture of accessory of rustic house, nation furniture and accessory, the furniture that has a design, household and textile, indoor lamps and lanterns, individual, classical household, picture and frame, mould, furniture, family expenses, family expenses, indoor lamps and lanterns.
3, exhibited 2008- - different before new thinking:
Frankfurt exhibited limited company to live to Frankfurt international autumn 2008 fashionable consumable exhibition (Tendence Lifestyle) make major reform, should exhibit namely will with exhibition of consumable of summer of original Frankfurt international (Collectione) the corresponding period is held together, the basis buys a requirement to procurement cycle, exhibition time is surely came 8 days on July 4, 2008, product category is changeless. Add year of two big activities newly to design contest and cate experience activity to be perfected for exhibition. Frankfurt city and the circumjacent dweller of the area are invited to visit attend "designersblock" and "fresch" these two activities. Besides join outside exhibiting business and audience, the citizen also can look around on the weekend and experience world each district the design concept of young avant-courier stylist. The person look around of 53% is a proprietor of an enterprise, the person look around of 16% is the company manages decision-making public figure, the person look around of 9% is firm branch manager. The person look around of 34% expresses great satisfaction to the exhibition, the person look around of 55% expresses satisfaction.
4 old brands are held at the same time below the old brand of Frankfurt 4 All Seasons, among them Collectione and Tendence are aimed at commerce audience technically. Collectione is medium the bought the home to offer major to purchase platform that reachs a large amount of purchasing, for shop of retail chain, department store, DIY, building the highest policymaker of supplier and garden center and high end bought the home to make an ordering opportunity technically, extend the popular trend of the spring of assemble Jiaoyu the coming year and summer, it is below one season Chun Xiaxin tastes a when release significant opportunity. Tendence attracted commerce industry the audience of all branches, these audiences 30% come from the country beyond Germany, they serve as Tendence in those days the platform of trade of a trade of most important, large, internationalization and international trade finish Qiu Dong season, christmas day of foremost edge odd exhibition, the new product that finishs one season at the same time here release for a short while.
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