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Chinas pearl industry chaos have inquired massive economy
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CCTV "Weekly Quality Report" which was recently revealed the pearl powder processing industry in China chaos. The most typical is to pretend pearl shell powder phenomenon. Known as "the pearl of China," said the Zhejiang Zhuji, embarrassing . Reporter in Zhuji interview that moment, a lot of Zhuji pearl powder processing enterprises into business for rectification or self them. Part of the regular pearl powder manufacturers are therefore implicated in a huge loss. In this regard, the Regional Economic Research Institute of Zhejiang Provincial Party School, said Chen Zifang experts, the theme of the private economy in Zhejiang to the massive economic development, "low, small, scattered," the birth defects, how to avoid the price of business simply Competition Homogeneous competition, increasing industry access standards, increase research and development to enhance the ability of technological innovation, is the real pearl powder to enhance the industry Zhuji, Zhejiang, and other massive economy, the competitiveness of industry cluster development the only way . Lack of industry standards Zhuji city, an official said, the current font size Zhuji pearl powder of ordinary food producers have all been discontinued, the recent new GMP standards do not meet the manufacturer of pearl powder has also been discontinued, the current was allowed Zhuji Pearl powder production companies recover only 12, equivalent to half of the total original. Jan. 10, Zhuji City, Town, mountain areas in the main part of pearl tapioca production of informal enterprises, the city held a special pearl powder special work site meetings. Clearly short-term spot checks can not cure the chronic illness Zhuji pearl industry. According to the reporter the information available, Zhuji City, back in 2004 and 2006, twice the special rectification actions pearl powder market, focus on the remediation One is posing with shell powder pearl powder. But the results have been poor. Rectify many times behind the expose is the industry's low barriers to entry, and the lack of uniform standards in the industry ills. Quality in 2004, the pearl powder consolidation of the industry focused on market access, industry self-regulation, etc., which require listed pearl powder to provide health permits, product quality inspection report and a series of certificates, complete failure Delisting of goods off the shelf system. In 2006, Zhuji City of Industry, once again stressed that access system products pearl powder, pearl powder production regulate the market. On the other hand famous pearl powder suspended food manufacturers approval, but approval of the business has not been further Further constraints, it does not restrict the drug number, size, and makeup health and famous pearl powder production. But the pearl powder and shell powder screening, there is already quite difficult. Pearl powder and shell powder by itself is very similar in composition, if more pearl powder and shell powder will be mixed, the more difficult approach through effective screening test . Since 2006, Zhuji Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau began preparing a "mother of pearl powder pearl powder and the identification of" technology research on the different waters, geographical Fritillaria powder samples, and then its chemical composition, mineral composition, etc. points Analysis to find out the different characteristics between the two. According to the arrangements at the time, this project could end term in 2007, and acceptance. But the end item acceptance and be unable to achieve this idea. "This project is continuing the process, concrete progress in the current project is unknown." Zhuji City, said a person familiar with food safety regulator. "We do not have the quality testing of pearl powder, technical capacity, the technology is strong in research, is expected to come out this year." Quality Inspection Institute of Zhejiang Province, said a researcher, but even if the introduction of this technology, Depends on the local government supervision throughout the industry cluster. "Only the mandatory testing of related enterprises to increase the intensity, will have no small effect." Technological innovation to lead the Industrial Cluster Chaos Zhuji pearl powder processing industries, exposing patterns of Industrial Cluster common problems faced by the present: the lack of industry standards, lack of supervision, industry clusters within the overall level of R & D investment is not high. Cause the entire line Industry in extreme competition. "Some corporate greed, by the huge profits." Zhuji a local industry sources, "now can be described as counterfeiters profits, but some big investment in R & D intensity of the pearl powder processing industry, profit margins are not High. "However, he said, Zhuji pearl powder to enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry, must rely on those with real technical strength of the enterprise. In addition, the private economy in Zhejiang Province, more than 70% of annual industrial output value from the industry cluster, and multi- industry cluster formed by the small and medium enterprises, beginning from the establishment of some "deficiencies" of the Department. Industrial clusters in Zhejiang Enterprises in many small, low technology level, and also engaged in low value-added products, by the expansion of production to make a profit. Zhejiang Private Economy Research Center, One East is that the leading enterprises in the future to enhance the development of industrial clusters in Zhejiang, should occupy an important position, "by leading their own improvement and development, and eliminate backward enterprises More conducive to economic development, upgrading and transformation. "