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With pearl powder raw materials in China to strengthen health care cosmetic and
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Recent media reports, there is a small number of manufacturers using fake pearl shell powder raw materials to produce health food and cosmetics products illegal. State Food and Drug Administration issued a circular 21, regulatory authorities at all levels to strengthen health food products containing raw pearl powder, cosmetic pearl powder as well as raw materials for the preparation of pharmaceutical supervision and management to ensure the safety of consumers. Notification requirements, health food, cosmetics manufacturers and the pearl powder formulations of the pharmaceutical manufacturers of raw materials to strengthen the pearl powder materials management, stock clearance should be strict to ensure the quality of raw material, the establishment of record and suppliers of raw materials procurement files to ensure the procurement of raw materials can be Origin. Food and drug administration departments at all levels to strengthen the health food containing raw pearl powder, cosmetic pearl powder production enterprises as well as raw materials for the preparation of the supervision and inspection of drug manufacturers. According to the State Food and Drug Administration on the strengthening of health food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical production to carry out routine supervision and on health food and cosmetics manufacturers to add such special inspection on illegal work requirements, the area of health food containing raw materials, pearl powder, cosmetic manufacturers as well as pearl powder as raw materials for pharmaceutical preparations to implement a comprehensive supervision and inspection of enterprises, focusing on checking whether the pearl powder raw material purchase requirements, product quality is satisfactory. Notice that the supervision and inspection on the problems found, corrective and supervise the implementation of all requirements; on the potential safety hazard of the product, will be suspended production and sales, and communications to the next frame, ordered the recall and other measures; of illegal activities are found business, dealt with severely according to law; violated the criminal law, the transfer of the judiciary.