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Black Pearl Blue Ma Daming splendor
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Champions League battles, with most of the bench at Stamford Bridge against rival team Zilina, bold Ancelotti discharge 433 and enable the replacement 6 7 starter youngster, who dare to be shot like answers, An Qieluo really amazing capacity of the pedicle. Although the team Champions League group stages, but must get a draw in the circumstances under which insurance the group, so that the layout so there is a certain adventurous, and good in the case of Chelsea conceded earlier, scored the equalizer from the Black Pearl a ball, then scored again Jiangong reversed motor race, the blue of the bloody back of this morning the greatest benefit. League two-game losing streak, the lack of Chelsea in front of a few main gray, so the need to fight a Champions League victory, but victory in the team more than the young teenager who needs to discover the middle of the energy, Buruma's defense force is not capable starting position, Ka Kuta can be proved by the power up front, McCain could make a guest Karen midfield midfield back Zhirkov better at his position, while the teenager could make up Lampa Tak and the absence of Essien is not, the game gives the answer. Buruma flaws in the game but there are strong side, he moves a bit like Chelsea captain John Terry. But the first goal and Nigeria on the defense, with opponents to play kick the wall, grab the back edge of the area before the ball into double-team blocking, we should say a young teenager to be into steel through life experiences. However, be alert and give youngsters a lesson into a more vivid lesson in the Houmajitan really fast counter-attack after the shot was saved, Buruma former point first to the rescue, awareness and speed is the sophistication of the harvest. Bies Drogba almost overtake the second half, but the free kick by goalkeeper after he denied, Buruma can quickly re-create offensive opportunities for his biography from the right, but unfortunately Ivanovic headed a small top edge of the area high, we can see Buruma, when the team needs or can be trusted, if not given time there will not be shining that day, through the competition concluded, the location of his guest than veteran Ferreira more worthy of trust. Rumored to be bought by the Ka Kuta desire gunmen have good performance, the game World of Warcraft, and he and his partner Stu Ridge, the first half had the ball to Stewart Ridge Ka Kuta create opportunities, but unfortunately the latter restricted the right of the shot is way off. Then Ka Kuta own restricted area before the shot was given the opportunity to resolve the goalkeeper. Malouda after passing shot wide teenager Ka Kuta, manufacturing opportunities and selflessness on the Ka Kuta doing well, the only need is more playing time, there is a certain teenager from the outbreak of the distance, but the game itself need strength and luck, the small World of Warcraft to wait. Run lineup and the first half is the mindset and the leg muscles of the time, Karen MacKay have mistakes happen, but his performance after the game is still very comprehensive place. Opening the lens has been on the 准麦凯克伦, in fact, 17-year-old midfielder, he played his position very critical. But the young Karen MacKay seemed very calm in the game, several key ball handling very well, but the ball should not be more choice in the high cross and return, but should try to more forward pass. Mike Eland second half was more robust, and as a young teenager with the Stewart Ridge pick Kalou scored a goal, the teenager who's confidence is greater. Mike Eland sent forward pass, but unfortunately restricted Drogba shot higher. Prior to the opponent's volley deflected shot hit Mike Eland, also destroyed an opponent's opportunities while helping protect the back of their goalkeeper the ball firmly, precocious good psychological quality of wheat. The performance of three remarkable teenager, a victory is more precious, Carlo Ancelotti's Chelsea striker finally resorted to the three great goals, in the exercise after a teenager and put Anelka really see the wonders that he left edge of the area with a cross, Didier Drogba headed understanding ferry, Malouda kissing arrived, with a wind break opponents with a kick Dianshe goalkeeper's fingers off, the motor finally scored a goal, and The goal is Trident's victory against Chelsea next league also has great significance. Ice struck, there is always need for restraint in the way of frost, in the face of adversity Ancelotti revealed once again the master's style, take the marshal to do comparison, the number of times than the triumph, than how fast the rise out of adversity, Chelsea also need to continue to prove themselves in the league, but the game to young players from the strategy are laudable.