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Deep Release "hand" Pearl Enterprise
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Yesterday morning, Hui Bao, Xing Tang Sui Po and three jewelry company CEOs and Hangzhou Branch of Shenzhen Development Bank signed a credit limit is 2150 million agreement, which marks the first single pearl Shenzhen Development Bank lending to SMEs was officially settled in the city . He Hongcheng attended the ceremony, vice mayor of credit. It is understood that prior to the Shenzhen Development Bank has carried out financial cooperation with Datang Socks, the year the bank branch in Hangzhou Province Pearl Industry Association and signed a financial cooperation agreement, in accordance with the target audience needs to develop the franchise business, support the development of SMEs in the city pearl , the total credit is 2 billion, of which both guarantee and mortgage companies are not more than 1000 million line of credit, apply for credit in the amount of guarantee no more than 600 million.